Quality verses copy

Diamond Lamps are risk free replacement projector lamps


Original lamp manufacturers work closely with projector OEMs to ensure the lamp set-up delivers the optimum performance within the projector setting. Original lamps undergo rigorous testing throughout the manufacturing process to ensure they meet quality and performance standards. Diamond Lamps have a unique set of agreements with original lamp manufacturers to buy their lamps directly, and to fit them into cages for sale in the replacement market.

There are other lamp manufacturing companies, typically in the Far East, who are selling “compatible” or copy lamps. At face value these lamps can be much cheaper than the equivalent Diamond or projector brand lamps. But closer inspection of the products shows that they represent false economy. Download a comparative report on different brands which was produced by Kema.

This report compared Philips original lamps with a variety of copy lamps and concluded that the Philips original lamps offered a vastly superior performance to the copy lamps tested.

With copy lamps there can also be a risk of illegality as they may infringe the Intellectual Property of original lamp manufacturers. This can result in prosecution.

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(copy or compatible) lamps.

View the "Make sure it is an original” flipbook from Philips.